3 steps to enroll

  1. Determine how to get your child to the bootcamp. Here are some options
    1. I can bring my child to the Promise Bootcamp on the outskirts of St. George UT. (Detailed directions will be emailed to you you once booking is done)  BOOK HERE  use discount_code="TRAVEL1200" 

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    2. Can you pick my child up from a designated drop off place  or airport in Las Vegas, Nv  BOOK VEGAS PICKUP discount_code="FLIGHT1000"
    3. I need you to pickup my child thursday night from home. (Student will be unable to attend school that friday)**Discount can only  apply for transport within  500 miles from camp** BOOK WITH TRANSPORT discount_code="TRANSPORT500"

What to Bring

Your child should bring a good pair of shoes or hiking boots. 2 pairs of clothes, socks and underwear (Military type fatiges are typically issued )

Financial Assistance

Financial Assitance will only apply in long term camps of 1-3 months and must include  Day treatment or Intensive Outpatient treatment option.

Whenever possible parents should find the resources independently. However, when this is not an option many of our clients rely on a combination of personal, and outside private financing.  Clients who qualify for Behavioral  Health Assistance may apply for a medical hardship provided by CareVoy Family intervention and therapy services to assist in outpatient therapeutic care.


To apply for a Health loan for CareVoy Outpatient Treatment Facility  click on Private Financing :

boarding school loanWe have partnered with Prosper Healthcare Lending as a potential lender. It simplifies the process of paying for your childs care Working with a national network of specialized lenders, our compassionate loan consultants will help you find the most suitable financing option while maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality. Click the banner above for more information.

  • Prosper Lending Lends up to $40,,000 for Health/Medical/Treatment at customized lending rates based on  credit worthiness, credit history and amount requested.
  • M-Lend Financial Options include interest free credit cards (at no additional costs) and low interest installment loans for various credit ratings up to 84 month terms and $100,000. Particularly for addiction treatment. With no interest charges for an extended period of time, this can be a welcome bridge to financing.
  • Lightstream Medical Loans Fixed rate, simple interest fully amortizing installment loans, no fees or prepayment penalties

Look to Your Close Friends and Family

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